2016 Composting Project


By Abbigail Howard

Here at Central there are a great deal of projects going on in different classrooms. One of these projects is the Composting Worm Project in Global Science with Ms.Gritzner, a science teacher at Central. Parker Klingman, Cody Mueller, Brandon Hach, Ted Hilgerson, Kyle Beck, and Cole Deitchler are the students that are partaking in this project. Their ultimate goal is to make the composting pile decompose faster. After much thought, they decided to do this by gathering worms in their classroom to see what they do.

In an interview with Ted Hilgerson, a Central senior, he was asked what he was learning from this project. His response was, “We are learning skills in communication, productivity, collaboration,and leadership.”

Hilgerson also said about the project, “I enjoy how independently we get to work to set our own standards of learning.”

This composting project here at Central has been going on since the beginning of this year. Being asked how he felt about how this project was going, Hilgerson responded with, “I feel we have made substantial progress and are moving in the right direction. I feel confident we will be able to achieve all of our goals in a timely manner.”

Parker Klingman was asked in an interview what the goal of the project is. He responded with, ”Our ultimate goal is to introduce worms into our compost system to increase the efficiency of it to compost more food waste.”

There has been a lot of work that has gone into this project so far. Cole Deitchler said the following are the types of things the group has completed,”Lots of phone calls, reaching information and local worm farms, visiting the Elgin nature center, and planning.”

Another student that was interviewed was Cody Mueller. He thinks this project is going along very well. Mueller said,”I feel it’s moving along very well. We are achieving our goals by finding information we want to know about this project, and we are onto the next step and getting ready for the worms.”

Ms.Gritzner created a go fund me fundraiser to help the gentleman with purchasing their worms on October 18, 2016. Their goal was $400 dollars. They made their goal November 1, 2016.

Although they have made their entire goal, it still would be great if you chose to donate more to help them. Your donation means everything!

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