Transfer to the Court

dsc_0167By Alexis Pash

Football is coming to an end and basketball is just beginning. The Central coaches are ready for the upcoming season of girls basketball. Mark Wiley coaches the Central Girls Basketball team with the help of Allison Burkle, the assistant coach.The players are working hard to achieve their goals for the season. The goals the team want to achieve is to be top of their conference.

Coach Wiley enjoys seeing the students learn outside of class. It gives the students a chance to see their teacher in a different setting.Time management, being organized, and being flexible with the girls’ schedules are some of the challenges that Wiley faces of being a coach.

How he plans to achieve goals this year is to work on basic fundamentals, be skilled, and practice. Some of the challenges that the team will face this season is that there will be only 16 to 18 girls out for basketball, students still need to keep up on getting school work done, and doing their best in 21 games.

Ashley Funk is a senior that participates on the Central Girls Basketball team. Playing with team mates and being on the court is what she enjoys the most about basketball. She plays wing, guard, and point on the varsity team. Challenges that she faces is three point shooting and adjusting to the spot that the coach puts you in.

Funk is left handed so wants to work on her right hand moves and outside shots. She stated, “ I was inspired by friends who convinced me to go on the team and also I can be aggressive and not get in trouble.” This makes her want to go out for basketball in college.

A junior named Deserai Weber is part of the Central Girls Basketball team. She enjoys being on team where everyone has learned more about basketball since they were in junior high. Junior varsity she plays point guard and now in varsity she plays guard.

Some of the challenges Weber faces is staying calm to control the game. She does not plan to participate in basketball when she gets to college. Weber stated, “ I wanted to be on the basketball team. I was on the basketball team since 4th grade and it is my favorite sport.”

Amy Wiedner also plans play basketball throughout high school because it is her favorite sport. Since third grade to being a Sophomore on the Girls Basketball team she liked this sport. Practicing and warm-ups before games is what she enjoys the most about basketball.

Wiedner plays post on the junior varsity team. Some challenges are lays ups and injuries that she faces. In an interview, she stated, “Personal improvements that I want to work on is practice more and work on basic fundamentals.”

A freshman that is on the Central Girls Basketball team is Keira Beck. She is part of the Junior varsity team and she plans to play basketball throughout high school. Winning as a team and the excitement is what she enjoys the most about basketball. Challenges that she has faced is wide open shots. She plans to foul less and make more shots as a personal goal. Her friends inspired her to go out for basketball.

The first High School Girls Basketball game is November 18th at 6:15. The girls play against East Buchanan. Make sure to come out and support the girls. 

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