Pomp and Circumstance

img_9564By Lexi Schmidt

Usually when people think of fall, they think of changing colors of the leaves and Halloween. At the Central Community High School, the students are getting ready for their fall play.  The play will be at Lorene Lenth Auditorum at Central Community School on November 11th and 12th at 7:30pm and November 13th at 2:00pm. Showcasing is the High School performance Pomp and Circumstance. The director is Carolyn Yanda.

To give a little information about the play, it’s about a senior in High School named  Lorraine Montgomery who was forced by her mother to never see her father again. Now because of that she turned from a bright and happy person to a bitter and negative person.  Now getting closer to graduation Lorraine decides to run away from her life at high school behind.

Carolyn Yanda, the director, of the fall play she stated that she has directed 9 fall plays. In this specific play there is 14 speaking parts, 6 backstage crew who also act as extras and 2 more in the tech crew with a total of 22 participants.

In an interview she stated her responsibilities as a school play director “ I choose/order the script, cast the roles, arrange rehearsals, design the scenery, find props and costumes, design and create the lights and sound, direct the actors, do publicity, make programs, oversee the performances, and organize striking the steamed putting everything away”. In an interview she also stated that the hardest part about directing a play is working around all the other events going on at the time.

Mackenzie Vlazny who plays Lorraine Montgomery stated that her favorite part being in the school play is the fun with the actors onstage and the fun references to the play offstage.

In an interview Vlazny states, “One of the hardest about being in school play is the later practices. For athletes it is difficult because we go from one practice to the next, and for non athletes it is difficult because they have to take off work and aren’t able to practice immediately after school. The evening is the only time that works for everyone, so it is just a downside that comes with any commitment you would make.”

Also in an interview with Levi Tuecke who plays the role of Lorenzo the class clown of the play. He stated that he likes all the friendship behind the scenes.

Grace Rodman the stage director of the play stated that that her responsibilities of the play is to make sure all the sets are up and make sure everything run smoothly.

Another student named Georgia Morris, a foreign exchange student, stated, “We did have plays at my old school but we had to take an actual class to be in it.” She plays a waitress and is extra in the play as well.

If you are interested in being in a Central Community School production. Keep your eyes and ears open for information about the spring musical coming up this year.

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