Osborne Heritage Days

dscf2090-2By Lexi Schmidt

In light of the fall season Osbourne Park held a festival in honor of the old pioneer town it once was. Osborne  park is located 5 miles south on Highway 13 .Osbourne Heritage days was held on the 8th and 9th of October. It was open from 10-4 on both days.It was created originally 42 years ago to bring back the old pioneer town that Osbourne once was.

In an interview with Brittnee Pash, who has gone to Heritage Days since she was a child, she said her favorite part about going to Heritage days was being able to see all the interesting vintage items and food being made and sold. Pash stated that “My favorite foods to get are the little treats that the Amish make, like the chocolate squares.” Beyond chocolate there is an immense amount of food to choose from like frybread, bud’s homemade root beer, kettlecorn, buffalo jerky, caramel apples, pies, baked goods, and farmer’s market items

In an interview with Abbey Harkrader a naturalist working at Osbourne, she stated that “About 8,000 people come this weekend. All ages come to Osbourne Heritage days we see a lot of families. There are also many activities for the kids to do.” Kids like to make candles,quilt patching, watching the chili cook-off, and many other things. There are also many pioneer based skills that vendors demonstrate. The most popular one so far is Dr. Dusty Medicine Show. From cook offs to storytelling, there will definitely be something for every person of any age will enjoy.

If you are interested in more events at historic Osbourne, on October 20th at 10am they will be starting a Mystery, Mingle, Munch and Mob tour series. When you join the series you will be able to tour beautiful and mysterious places in Clayton County. You can sign up or for more information call 563-245-1516 or email abbey_claytonccb@yahoo.com


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