American Government Project

img_8986By Travis Scherf

Central Elkader’s year is underway as the government class came up with a project in which they held a public forum about the issues of Iowa. The different issues that the government class looked at are the Gun suppressor act and frail bridges. Within the public forum, four candidates running for a position in the Iowa government were asked a variety of questions involving different acts that were past.

One of the issues being discussed was frail bridges. Several problems have occurred over the past year when a bus or vehicle gets turned over because of beams being weak.

Another problem being discussed is the gun suppressor act. This was passed allowing people to purchase suppressors. But as a result, more murders have occurred with the usage of a suppressed gun. Gun suppressors were first used for hunting only.

In a recent interview, Mark Wiley answered questions pertaining the public forum.

“I felt the forum was a way for students to become educated about the issues of Iowa and invite the community to hear what candidates had to say about the questions students would ask”, Wiley commented.

When asked about how the class organized the event Wiley stated, “Students are the organizers. I try to facilitate responsibilities and make sure all objectives are covered. The students organize what will be discussed by the candidates.”

Mark Wiley stated, “The people of Clayton, Allamakee, Fayette, and Winneshiek counties are the going to decide who to elect as their representative. Central students need to work on informing the public about the issues and where each candidate stands on those issues. This will allow the public to have information about the candidates and their stance on important issues to the voters.”

For several years different schools held either a government class project. Their projects normally involve hands on activity and smart thinking to discuss the problems within their state.

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