Central School Improves its Facilities


By Cody Mueller

Out with the old and in with the new. Central Community School in Elkader is under construction, through the process of replacing the boiler system. Replacement of the boiler system started about a week after school got out in June 2016 and is still in the process. It’s been about 50 years since the old boilers were installed in the school. The school felt that they need to replace these boilers because they were always needing repairs and the old ones could have sent waste water back into the city water.

The boiler system is estimated to be up and fully running by the end of October. Superintendent Nicholas Trenkamp says that hopefully the first boiler installed will be up and running in the first week of October. There are three small boilers that will be replacing the two larger ones that were used to heat the school.

Trenkamp also said that having three smaller ones is more efficient in energy cost and usage. He commented that the boilers can be turned on and off to help slow down the wear and tear on them. In an interview with Scott Karis, a Johnson Control worker, he says that “with the installation of the new boilers it will help decrease the cost to heat the school by 15 to 20 percent and for thermal even more.”

The boiler system will be a nice improvement to the school but there have been many small challenges that have been overcome to get the new system in. With a team of five or six Johnson Control workers the installation will take no time at all to get the new boilers up and running.

Central has also been adding improvements to the school slowly. One of these improvements was that the hallways were repainted last year. The colors are red, white, and black, which was chosen to help show school spirit. In an interview with Parker Klingman, a junior at Central, he was asked what do you think or like about the new paint. Klingman responded with “I like the new paint, and the white is a lot brighter than the old cream color.” Along with the paint in the hallways the school also replaced the lights that are now brighter and more energy efficient.
Over the past years, Central Community School has made many improvements in the school. Some improvements have been remodeling of classrooms, replacement of the gym floors and new paint in the gyms, and updating furniture and technology. Central is not done with improvements. The school would also like to improve parking, sidewalks, make the building more handicap accessible, and get a bond to make a new cafeteria and commons area.

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