Dear Warriors June #1

Dear Warriors,

All of the friends are traveling to cool places this summer. I am stuck at home and my family is not going anywhere. What can I do to make my summer fun?


Not-so-fun summer



Dear Not-so-fun summer,

You can make summer fun by exploring different activities like drawing, camping or  canoeing. You can try new thing and find a new hobby like cooking, mechanics, or photography. There are so many possibilities to do this summer. Try and get together with the friends you will miss seeing at school. You could also try to hang out with friends you haven’t seen in awhile from a different school or from a different town or state. Your friends that are going on vacation will come back, and you guys can still have fun. Get together with them when they get back from vacation. Also talk about what they did and what they liked the most. I hope this advice helped, and have fun this summer.


Dear Warriors

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