What’s the Fox Say?

A student watches the latest YouTube craze, "What's the Fox Say?" Ylvas.

A student watches the latest YouTube craze, “What’s the Fox Say?” Ylvas.

By Austin Ellis

“What does the fox say?” This is a phrase heard by many across the world. Several may wonder where the phrase came from and what it means. We all know that dogs go “Woof” and cats go “Meow”, but what does the fox say?

The famous phrase is actually from a music video called The Fox by Ylvis, a Norwegian music group. The video is mainly meant for comedic purposes. It went viral in early September with over 80 million views on YouTube and growing.

The song/video poses the question of “What does the fox say?” throughout. Then it  proceeds to feature many dancers dressed as foxes who sing random noises with neon lights in the background of a forest. The point of this is to get across to the viewers that foxes make several noises, but with a flashy presentation to spark extra interest to its viewers.

The reason why people like the song so much is because of how random it is. They find it hysterical the first few times because of the random singing that it features. However for some students, it’s been getting on their nerves. Some students have been playing the song profusely in class, which has been a minor distraction in the learning environment.

People are praising it as the next “Gangnam Style.” As we all know, “Gangnam Style” received love as well as some hate. Derek Ehrhardt claims the song as just a fad. “It’s extremely annoying, and it’s pointless. I think it’ll be dead within the next month.”

Here is the video from YouTube.

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